About Me


My name is Adam Crowder, and I’m a software engineer residing in the Seattle area.

My passions for technology run deep, whether it’s architecting solutions for a system or service, writing code, or even building computers, I’m always yearning to learn.

Experience Link to heading

I’m a backend software engineer with most of my experience writing:

  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Javascript/Typescript (Node)
  • Go

Although I will occasionally do projects in other languages for fun.

I’ve designed and implemented:

  • Architecture and templates for migrating services to kubernetes, including cluster configuration for locking down and running untrusted code on publicly exposed clusters.
  • Templated autoscaling microservices utilizing docker and AWS ECS with cloudformation.
  • Lightweight and secure permissioned authentication scheme for RESTful APIs. Reference
  • RESTful API servers in 5+ languages in order to serve critical data.
  • Many cloud-native applications and services in AWS integrating with: EC2, ECS, DynamoDB, Lambda, S3, ElastiCache, Cloudformation, ELB/ALB, Cognito, Route53, AWS Auto Scaling, Secrets Manager, API Gateway, and many more.

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I graduated with Honors from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering, with a specialization in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity.

At the UW, I helped lead a team to 3rd place at the Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and helped discover various vulnerabilities in network-connected Epson projectors (CVE-2017-12860, CVE-2017-12861).

Primary Interests Link to heading

As I have a strong security background, I have heavy interests in privacy/security and surrounding technologies such as networking and cryptography. I’ve been involved with everything from hacking and defense, as well as designing mechanisms to help enable secure software.

I am also very interested in distributed systems, blockchains, and cloud technologies. I’ve used everything from IPFS, to kubernetes, to smart contracts on blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

In order to facilitate these interests, I have a lot of experience with Linux administration and use for software development/architecture. I have ran and configured many machines for various applications, both personally and professionally.

Contacting Me Link to heading

Visit my contact page in order to get in touch with me.